Clinique podiatrique Simoni Therrien is your foot health specialist. Our professional services include podiatric consultation, diagnosis, treatment and surgery, with follow-up and referrals as required, as well as the finest foot care available.


The patient is our priority at Clinique podiatrique Simoni Therrien. Every professional at our clinic is committed to providing a personalized response to your needs. To this end, our professionals are constantly striving to develop their knowledge and techniques. Our equipment employs the latest technology and our facilities embody our quality approach.


By listening to your needs and providing a complete range of professional services, we ensure your satisfaction.

Consultation and evaluation

Discomfort, pain or other symptoms may lead you to consult a podiatrist, who will conduct a thorough examination to establish a diagnosis and determine the best way to treat your condition.

Foot care

Under the supervision of podiatrists, our Foot Care and Hygiene Department provides a range of services to keep your feet comfortable.

Care for people with diabetes

Clinique podiatrique Simoni Therrien is a leader in the prevention and care of diabetic foot lesions. Our expertise provides diabetic patients with a better quality of life.

Children’s feet

A newborn's foot is formed entirely of cartilage, a malleable tissue that will be transformed into bone through a long and complex process. The bone mass of the foot is formed by about the age of 3 but is not fully mature until sometime between the ages of 18 and 21.

Sports Podiatry

People who practise sports put stress—often inappropriately—on their bone mass, ligaments and foot muscles. Improper footwear and poor training methods can cause or aggravate a variety of articulation and muscle problems. Accidents happen easily!


Your time is precious, so we have a radiology department right here at the clinic. Within minutes, an X-ray can be taken, developed and examined by a podiatrist. The result is a quicker diagnosis and earlier treatment.


A podiatrist is responsible for the quality of both the laboratory staff and the products it markets. Orthèses Plus Spécialités Inc. offers foot orthotics, splints, Cam Walker and Aircast immobilization boots, tibial orthotics and other accessories designed to help you deal with your problem.