Discomfort, pain or other symptoms may lead you to consult a podiatrist, who will conduct a thorough examination to establish a diagnosis and determine the best way to treat your condition.


Your podiatrist is qualified to fully assess the cause of pain in your ankle, knee, hip or back and to proceed with treatment if the problem lies in the foot or with the position of the lower leg. Your podiatrist can also evaluate suspected problems with posture or biomechanics. Depending on the situation, you may be prescribed a musculoskeletal ultrasound, tomography (scan) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), as well as undergo various examinations required to arrive at an informed diagnosis.


Your podiatrist may recommend a foot orthotic, a simple heel lift or modifications to your footwear and may perform any surgery that is required. If necessary, your podiatrist can refer you to the appropriate health specialist.


A foot health problem can present a variety of symptoms. Feel free to contact Clinique podiatrique Simoni Therrien if you experience any of the following:


Dermatological foot problems:



Vascular problems



Musculoskeletal problems



Neurological problems


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